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Kitchen & Bath Designs
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Galveston, TX
Design or Cabinets Option
Photo-realistic drawings of your new kitchen or other 
cabinet room.  You will be able to see what it will look 
like at the designing stage.
Watch your new kitchen come to life before you 
purchase your new cabinetry.  If you are interested 
in just our design service without the purchase of 
cabinetry, please let us know in advance!
Make sure all the internal storage features you want 
are included in the design!
And all of the extra dramatic, decorative features you 
want are there!

"Design Only" Option

The "Design Only" option is exactly what it sounds like.....

you need a design/layout for your new kitchen, 

bath or other room containing cabinets, but you don't 

intend to buy the cabinets here.  Maybe you are building 

the cabinets yourself or have other options for cabinetry.

The "Design Only" option is quick and inexpensive.  

You won't need to select door styles and/or 

finishes, and your design can be completed in as little 

as a few days.

The "Design Only" option can be used at almost any 

cabinet shop or store to purchase or build your 

cabinets.  I make it sound so easy.....keep in mind 

building cabinets is no easy task and you have to 

know what you are doing!

With this option you may bring your own site 

measurements and save a little money on an on 

site measurement visit.

You will receive a measured floor plan and all 
cabinet elevations as well as several perspectives 
of the room and you are good to go!  

"Cabinets Only" Option

This option provides that you already have the 
design/layout of the cabinetry and only want 
cabinets.  You don't need any design work done 
by me.  

The quality, beauty and price of cabinets in the 
U. S. can vary greatly and be confusing to 
consumers, but you do get what you pay for!  

You will need to bring me a list of the cabinets 
that you need and select a door style and finish 
from the brands that I carry and I'll price the cabinetry 
for you.  It is that simple.  This option is great for builders, 
contractors and home owners who are able to measure 
and draw the layout in advance.....and all you need are 
the cabinets to fill in the layout. 


Above is an example of a cabinet wall elevation that 
shows you exactly what cabinetry is in this stunning 
Master Bath.  It will contain all cabinet measurements 
and identify the cabinets by manufacturer's 
nomenclature. Cabinet nomenclatures (the names of 
the individual cabinets) will vary from manufacturer to 
manufacturer, so help in selecting the appropriate 
cabinetry will be needed when you purchase your